Amended plans

You can view a presentation giving an overview of our updated plans here

Following submission of our planning application for greening Goldsworth Road to Woking Borough Council in June 2020, we listened carefully to feedback from local residents, councillors and technical consultees.

We are delighted that so many people welcomed the many significant benefits that the project would bring for Woking, including new green public space and biodiversity improvements, new homes and jobs. However, we appreciate that there was some local concern about the height of the buildings proposed.

We took note of these comments and  made the decision to reduce the height of the tallest building by four storeys. This brings it into line with the height of the scheme that was previously proposed for the south side of Goldsworth Road, for which the council made a resolution to grant planning permission in 2016.

The images below give you an idea of the change would appear from the Broadway, just north of the railway line, looking towards Victoria Square and our development.

View 1, below, shows the tallest building in our proposed development as it was originally submitted in June, with the Victoria Square buildings to the right.

The pink section in View 2, below, shows the amount of building we have removed in our amended plans, which were submitted on 13 November.

And View 3, below, shows how the tallest building will appear in our amended plans. You can see it is now much closer in height to Victoria Square. The other buildings in our development will step down in height to the west, away from the town centre. 

This reduction in height means that the overall number of homes proposed will reduce by 36, to 929. The number of on-site affordable homes (48) remains the same, meaning an increase in the affordable proportion.  

You find out more about the benefits of our scheme here.

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