Designed for Woking

The proposals have carefully considered their setting, and the tall buildings are carefully composed as part of the new Western Cluster focussed around Victoria Square.

The Proposals:

- Relate to and make sense of the collection of tall buildings around Victoria Way to form a comprehensive and controlled cluster.

- Bring the scale down to the residential neighbourhoods to the west, controlling further development of tall buildings.

In response to local feedback, we have made the decision to reduce the height of the tallest building by four storeys. This brings it into line with the height of the scheme that was previously proposed for the south side of Goldsworth Road, for which the council made a resolution to grant planning permission in 2016.

A distinctive architecture is proposed with two groups of buildings. The ‘Geode’ buildings act as a pair framing the green space and relate to the new Victoria Square Development whilst the ‘Foothill’ buildings step in profile and footprint and bring the scale down to the residential neighbourhood to the west.

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