Investing in Woking

These will create a buzz and imbue the space with activity. The uses will be carefully curated to create a unique and local offer for Woking.

• 2,710sqm of flexible commercial space provided.

• Opportunities for local business and partnerships to occupy new commercial units.

• Active frontages onto the green space promoted by moving car parking to first floor level.

• Dedicated servicing from the railway side of the development and carefully-managed drop off and loading areas.

• Businesses will be encouraged to ‘spill’ into the space to contribute to the character of the Green Street and encourage trade.#

The proposals provide much needed housing but also provide a number of economic benefits for the town:

• 106 full-time equivalent (FTE) Construction jobs in the local economy, and EcoWorld are ready start as soon as permission is granted. Up to 140 FTE local jobs created by the development.

• Around £2 million contribution to the Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF) highways funding gap helping Woking Council and Surrey County Council to deliver a package of highway improvement works stimulating growth in the town, including highway improvements to Victoria Way and the widening of the Victoria Arch railway bridge.

• Community Infrastructure Levy payments to support local facilities.

• £14.7 million additional annual local expenditure

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