A New Green Street

Promoting wellbeing for the public and residents, the green spaces will be open and accessible to all, working in conjunction with Woking’s recently improved hard landscaped streets and spaces in the town centre.

The new space will incorporate play, biodiverse planting, new community space, urban greening and other sustainability measures alongside new pedestrian and cycle connections.

Key Benefits:

• A total of approximately 4220sqm of public realm.

• Total net increase of 916.73% in ecological value 

• Roof levels and podium gardens will contribute around 65 additional trees within intensive green roof planting as well as extensive biodiverse roofing to all non-accessible roofs.

1. Public realm designed as a multi-functional piece of green infrastructure intended to bring a variety of benefits to people and the environment.

2. Significant greening of the street with around 45 new trees and 550sqm planting in the public realm, and around 320sqm of green wall vertical greening: bringing benefits in terms of air quality, biodiversity, urban cooling and wellbeing.

3. Rain gardens to contribute to sustainable drainage and biodiverse planting to enhance site ecology.

4. New pedestrian and cycle route as well as cycle parking and a cycle repair station promoting sustainable means of transport.

5. Incorporate around 215sqm of play space within the public realm comprised of informal play trails and playable furniture / sculpture.

6. A variety of amenity spaces for residents and visitors with seating areas, spill-out from ground floor businesses, lawn areas to relax and flexible spaces for events.

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